The IT & Business Process Outsourcing (IT & BPO) programme Eastern Europe and Asia covers five countries: Albania, Macedonia, Armenia, Palestine, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. On the European market there is a shortage of people with IT skills. The goal of this programme is to help the participating countries answer that shortage and do more business with European customers.

Eastern Europe is an attractive sourcing region for European businesses, because it is not far away. Also, prices there are relatively low. Asian countries, especially Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, have many skilled workers and offer low costs. In some of the countries in this programme, such as Bangladesh, the government and sector associations are actively promoting the IT sector.

Project details:
This programme began in 2013. First, CBI selected participating companies. We looked at their capabilities, ambitions and willingness to learn. After that, we audited each company. The purpose of these audits is to find the main strengths and weaknesses. During our Expro training, the companies learned more about export marketing and the European market.

The next step for each company was to write its own Export Marketing Plan. In this process, the companies clearly defined their own business and researched European market opportunities. Then they decided which steps to take towards the European market. Our Sector Experts visit each company at least twice a year to give advice and technical assistance.

The final phase in the programme is market entry. This includes training on how to create a good website and how to manage staff. The main focus is on exhibiting at trade fairs. In 2015, 13 of our companies exhibited at the Cebit 2015 trade fair in Hannover, Germany. Cebit is one of the world’s leading trade fairs and conferences for the IT industry. Our participants will exhibit there again in 2016.
Project participants and products:
A total of 35 companies are taking part in this programme. Thirteen of these are export-ready. These companies exhibited at Cebit 2015. They serve customers in the following markets: finance & banking; insurance; transport & logistics; telecom; fashion; travel & tourism; real estate; hospitality (hotels & restaurants); medical & health care; pharmaceuticals; government/donors/NGOs; retail; IPTV; education; livestock management; betting; textile & garments; manufacturing; construction; mobile; mining; automotive; and digital agencies.

Meet the participants:
You can contact these exporters directly if you are interested. Please use the contact details above.
You can also contact us at CBI to get in touch with these and other participants.
Another possibility is to meet participants at trade fairs we will attend in Europe.


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