Call Center in India has proved to be a game changer in today's highly competitive business environment. While there is no dearth of service providers offering outsourcing services at competitive rates, call center from India are known for delivering high quality services in a cost effective way.

One of the major contributions of Indian BPO industry is the creation and transformation of a whole new world of outsourcing business. The industry is globally recognized as an outsourcing and BPO hub. It attracts huge foreign direct investment from multinational companies across the world. In a recent study by NASSCOM, the sector is estimated to account for more than 10% of the total FDI in last ten years. It has been found that about US$8 billion has been invested by the venture capitalist firms in the last decade, and approximately 700 deals have been so far signed by the call centers.

Outsource Call Center India to Gain Global Visibility

Indian call center industry has been evolving as a global operating unit that encompasses local flavor in various geographical locations. The sector has established its footprints, covering 52 countries, about 200 cities, as well as 400 delivery units worldwide.

The service providers, based in India, are helping various countries to boost their economic growth by contributing to the development of their local ecosystems. NASSCOM estimated in its report that the BPO sector employs about 3% foreign nationals as well as creates savings of about US$30 billion in the outsourcing economies in the year 2009.

Call Centers in India are generating quality employment rates in the country. They are also helping the country in building robust infrastructure. One of the industrial benchmarks was reflected by the fact that the BPO sector has invested more than US$200 million in the infrastructure facilities and employee development programs.

In the years to come, ITES/BPO sector is expected to continuously witness significant growth. India is a home to about 750 captive units, including the sixth largest software companies worldwide, employing approximately 20% of the country's workforce. More than 200 cross border acquisitions have been done in between financial years 2005 and 2009. This is another important reason which has enhanced the nation's presence in the world map.

To conclude, Indian BPO industry is projected to emerge as one of the strategic growing engines. It is projected that the country will significantly contribute to exports, regional growth, and high GDP rates by the year 2020.

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