2020 is certainly not shaping up the way we planned. Three months into the new decade, and our 11-year bull market is over, March Madness is cancelled—and the first global pandemic since 1918 is disrupting work, travel and lives all across the globe. These are indeed uncertain and challenging times—and it’s more critical than ever that we rise to the occasion, establish contingency protocols and best practices—and arm ourselves with information, cool heads and perseverance.


The unpredictable spread of COVID-19 means that geographic diversity, and the ability to shift work and resources across locations and away from brick and mortar establishments is vital. Flexibility and scalability—the power to ramp up and down and activate Work-at-Home (WAH) solutions as-needed—are crucial complements to a regionally-varied workforce based onshore, nearshore and offshore.



In our current climate, the importance of at-home agents cannot be overemphasized. A globally-deployed, at-home workforce pairs perfectly with newly-formulated business continuity plans, and provides a secure backup for unplanned volume spikes. In addition to their increased productivity (at-home agents answered 13.5% more calls than their in-house counterparts—Customer Think), at-home team members are highly invested (80% retention rate for at-home agents vs. 25% for in-house—Frost & Sullivan), and feel much safer not having to work in a crowded office environment.



Alorica’s WAH talent pool is fully-aligned to your unique needs—and flexible enough to react at a moment’s notice. Here are five key takeaways about our remote workforce:

  1. Awesome Talent—Full- and part-time agents have the capacity to serve all channels (voice, chat and social), and average three years of experience.
  2. On-Point Scheduling—Our proprietary workforce management system allows us to meet rapidly shifting staffing needs, while call-routing technology ensures industry-leading uptime.
  3. Trustworthy Compliance and Security—Security at the Desktop, Agent and System level ensure client and customer data is fully protected.
  4. Reliable Infrastructure—Automated agent desktop and network control, alongside payroll support, keeps operations humming along at peak efficiency.
  5. Flexibility to a Fault—Scalable and customizable to each client’s need, our team is always up to the task.



In such tentative times, preparation and planning go a long, long way. Open-line communication with your business partner is critical—along with flexibility, patience and adaptable solutions that can evolve as required. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that your business continuity protocols include Work-at-Home considerations. Give us a call at 1-866-ALORICA, and let’s talk about how to keep your business running business as usual.


And—please wash your hands.


Source : https://www.alorica.com/

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